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Hello Fiverr ! I'm new seller on Fiverr

Hello everyone!
I am a new seller on Fiverr, I make mascots some illustrations, I am still learning about Fiverr and I just want to say hello, and I will be very happy if I make new friends

have a nice day everyone! :wave:


Welcome to Fiverr community. I hope you get success in fiverr. Please try to active more than 12 hours every day. Good luck.

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Thank you mate! Does that increase the chances of getting the first client?


Welcome to fiver forum family.

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Welcome to fiver forum

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Thank you, Fahim!
have a nice day!

Welcome to fiverr Forum communitt

Welcome to the Fiverr community. Best Wishes to you. Work hard and achieve more order and be a successful freelancer. Best of luck. Thanks//

Welcome to our Fiverr forum community.

Welcome to Fiverr Community

Best of luck :heart: