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Hello Fiverr Millionaires ! Well Come Me ! And Help Me Out. .

Hey Fiverr Millionaires,

My name is Zubair I supply printed T-shirts but for stickers and logo I’ve to hire a person who make logos etc. Suddenly the idea came that why should not I start making logo and I found a Fiverr, So I’m here now can anyone help me ?
I want to learn the whole process of Logo making and send to clients. Kindly Help me out . God Bless You.

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It is extremely unlikely that this is going to happen!

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


There’s a Learn From Fiverr course called “Logo Design Fundamentals” and a cheaper one called “Craft a Logo by Hand” and another called “Logo and Brand Identity for Designers”. Though they’re not free.


In addition to what @uk1000 advised here are the paid course details:

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Research your competition. Literally dozens of thousands of other sellers are doing the same thing… They aren’t going to help you get an edge over themselves in the market. No one wants to coach for free, anyway.


Hope you succeed here… all the best and welcome aboard :slight_smile:

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Um :thinking:

Unless you’re talking about monopoly money. :grin:

Welcome to the forum Zubair.

The first place you should visit is TIPS FOR SELLERS, you will find many helpful tips to hit the ground running. :running_man::running_woman: