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Hello Fiverr, nice to meet you, I already love the place. ❤

I am Elijah also known as elijahnganga199 on fiverr, just created my first gig(more to come) and waiting for the orders, I can do many things including writing articles, proofreading, making logos and much more and think that this is the right place for that.
Check out my profile. Hope to get a welcome maybe,…

Thanks everyone.


Hey there Elijah, and welcome to Fiverr!

I have to warn you that waiting for orders to come isn’t a good solution as waiting doesn’t get you orders or clients (especially considering how competitive Fiverr has become all these years). Waiting for orders will put you in a situation where you’ll just come back a month later on the forum most likely complaining that you have received no orders, like I’ve seen so many do :slight_smile:

So, my advice (instead of just waiting for orders to come) is to do something to get orders - for that I suggest reading the forum post series written by one of our Moderators: UpYour

You’ll find invaluable advice there to help you down the line, and in all those times of sale slumps :wink:

After all, Fiverr markets itself as a marketplace of, and for, DOERS :wink:


Thanks very much @Woofy31, at least I know now :+1:

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:star_struck::star_struck: WELCOME!!!:star_struck::star_struck:

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