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Hello Fiverr People :P


I would like to introduce myself. I am Juju B aka Jackie. I would like to become an entrepreneur. Using this site, I am able to do just that. So far, I have received any orders. That isn’t keeping me down. I will do my best to come up with new and improved gigs that you all will be interested in. My profile link is below. Thank you for your time.


Hi. Welcome to Fiverr. Keep your patiece and look up the forum tips of new seller. I hope, It will help you to get few order. Good luck.!!


Hey there fellow rookie! I’m a new seller as well and haven’t gotten orders yet. Hope your business goes well :"> life is hard but you’re harder to tear down.


Good idea, wish you good luck.


Thank you for your kind words. I hope you succeed with your gigs as well!


hi.welcome to fiverr, wish you success


I also haven’t had any orders as yet but Keep your head up. The orders will come soon, I’m sure of it.
Have an awesome day


Wish you good and Enjoy your work on Fiverr.


Thank you so much! I wish you success as well :slight_smile:


I hope they do! I wish you success as well :slight_smile: Have an amazing day!


Thanks for the advice. I will definitely do that! Have a great day :slight_smile:


Thank you. I wish you luck as well!


Hi Jackie,

Welcome to Fiverr/the forum! I had a look at your profile, and I noticed that you do podcasts. That’s really interesting. I was also wondering if you might be comfortable doing voice overs (VO). I think there is a pretty good demand for talented VO artists on Fiverr. In order to get a better idea, you could check out a few VO profiles on Fiverr. If you think you are capable of doing that, you could also create a gig for that. Just a thought. :smile:

Good luck! :snowflake:


I am actually considering it, however. I need to purchase a better microphone. The one I have isn’t good enough quality. Thanks for the advice! I will definitely work on it :slight_smile:


wish you best of luck for your successful future