Hello Fiverr Universe!


I am new to Fiverr (December 2016) and am so excited to be here! I welcome any feedback on my gigs from experienced sellers. One question right off the bat, Buyers are asking for file attachments in their requests. Is there a way to get an attachment to them? I can’t contact them by message, right?


Good luck & welcome to Fiverr :slight_smile:


Right, you can only send them an offer, and ask them to contact you, so you, after they´d contact you, could send them an attachment. No way to do it right away unfortunately (or fortunately, for the buyers, who might get swamped with files else ;)).

And welcome. :slight_smile:


Thanks! I think sellers buyers are getting confused about that because I’ve seen
several requests asking for custom demos (I do voiceover) but there is no
way to attach a custom demo and it’s not OK in the VO world to post a
custom demo publicly.

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Hi @richvox,

Welcome to fiverr. I hope you enjoy your time here :slight_smile: