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Hello Fiverr world!

I’d like to know what it’s like actually working on Fiverr. Are any of you guys working with Fiverr full time as a job? I’d like to get some insight from actual sellers on what it’s like and how difficult, or easy, it is to actually make money.

I’m not doing Fiverr full-time, BUT I will say that I could see it happening for me in the future.

The level of difficulty really just depends on your gig. I don’t do any of my own marketing (currently) and I’ve managed to get over 50 sales so far.

I work in a few different fields and a good majority of the work I do is from home. It’s really all about self discipline and time management. Forcing yourself to wake up at 8am when nobody NEEDS you to do that is not easy… However, if you sleep in until 12pm, work for 8 hours at your desk, suddenly your entire day is gone. I’d say for me that’s been the biggest adjustment working from home.