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Is anyone else having technical issues with their dashboards today?

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If you get a reply from customer services I will be shocked but an answer to your question, no.


Thank you.

Why would you be surprised?


Reply to @lissa_1: You must not contact Support often. The level of snarkiness is at an all time high with many sellers becoming disenchanted. Fiverr has weekly (daily, perhaps) bugs and slow Customer Service. Not to mention rules that unduly punish sellers or delay payment (I have yet to see where they clearly state that the 14-day clearance period starts a full 3 days AFTER delivering, unless the buyer leaves a review within the 3 day period, wherein the 14-day clearance period immediately begins).



To be clear, I was not being snarky. No I don’t contact Customer Support often. I have had few issues that warranted it. My experience has always been positive, in that I received a response and gotten my issues dealt with. Though the idea of not being able to deliver my order is difficult to deal with, I am putting my trust in Fiverr Customer Support to make it right with myself and the Buyer, if need be. It has been ready for delivery for hours. I notified the customer and CS at the first opportunity, and have explained the situation before the deadline. That’s all I can do at the moment and now, it’s up to them. I hope that they set the stats right, and not ding my gig for being several hours late.

The waiting period doesn’t personally offend me. I am sorry that you are upset by that. I hope you find some peace in your Fiverr experience.


I didn’t think she was talking about me. I just saw where one might misconstrue my infection. I just wanted to state as much. Thank you Kjblynx!


Reply to @lissa_1: I think it’s upsetting to a lot of sellers. I’ve had good and bad experiences with Customer Support. When they are good, theyr are very, very good, and when they are bad, they are horrid. Pun intended! :stuck_out_tongue: