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Hello, Fiverr! :)

Hi, everybody!

Consultant and a writer in the field of medicine here.

I am a practicing physician (currently at radiology residency), a freelancer and a promoter of evidence-based medicine with a mission to bridge the gap between patient’s and doctor’s point of view.

I’m open to suggestions on how to improve my gigs.

We have to take care of each other, help and grow together as professionals, so if you need anything that I could help you with, feel free to contact me!

Sorry because it took me 4 months to say hi! :slight_smile:


Dear Doctor Double-Oh Oh-Oh (aka Alex):

Do you have a license to ill?

I took a quick look at your profile:

Run down the Improve My Gig Checklist ( '` ). You’ve studied Fiverr Academy, listened to Fiverrcast or read the transcripts, studied the offerings on Fiverr in your niche, right?

If I started on this checklist for you…
Smiling in profile Image … NO
Professionally dressed in profile image … NO
Video in gigs … NO
YOU Appear in your video … NO`
Optimum use of Key Words … NO
Polished English grammar, punctuation, and spelling … NO
Professional-quality copy in your gig description … NO
3 images in Live Portfolio that are custom to this gig and not just pulled from the web …
Read the Fiverr Terms of Service …
Able to point the Buyer to Appropriate Resources to Minimize Miscommunication / Cancellations …
Able to Communicate Clearly with Buyers …

As someone claiming to be a doctor, you need to be aware that so many Buyers on Fiverr have been burned that you will have to work harder than the average Seller to establish your bona fides.

Good luck,


I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this reply! Thank you!

Thank God you didn’t see the first version of my writing gig :smiley:

I like you, although you almost made me cry! :slight_smile: You got yourself a buyer (as soon as I fix the free tips you gave me).


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Dear Alex:

That review was pretty much from a template.

When you’ve read this thread:
and feel ready, ask me again, and I’ll take a more detailed look at your profile and one of your gigs.

Good luck,

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