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"Hello" Fiverrian!

Danis here of Indonesia, a coffee lover. I have a few skill sets in Office-VBA and looking a way to make some money with it. Just engaged to fiverr few months ago and totally new to web based freelancer platform. Luckily I’ve made some “business(?)” and made some small money from some clients, and I’m glad that this fiverr works.

Actually it ran not so well in the beginning for me. I just saw some BRs and did not got any order. After visit this forum for several times (and read some posts), thanks God I found lot of useful tips here. That’s why finally I made my first post to this forum to say hello, to thanks all masters and seniors (of course competitors too :)) here for the useful hints and for bring this forum live.

I found some Freelancers have made huge of money here, and that was just cool. I hope I can be there some day.

Thanks for reading my post, I wish you have a good day.


Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @lloydsolutions

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Welcome to 5r!!

Best wishes for a successful career on and off 5r!!


Welcome to Fiverr - and welcome to the Forum. Enjoy!!

Hello Danis and welcome! :bouquet:

Awwww… Thanks. I hope you have a lovely day too.

Thanks friends. You made day more nice today.

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Hello! All the best to you in business.

Hi, Thanks. I wish the best for you too.

Thank you and you are welcome.

Welcome to fiverr. Have a blast.

Welcome to fiverr!! I am new as well :slight_smile:

Welcome I am new too, enjoy the ride :rose

Hi there, thanks for the warm welcome. Good luck to you.