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I have a gig. I submitted a custom offer to a buyer. I priced it at $15. When if submitted it, it showed my gig at $20! Why does this happen?? Then, I go to the dashboard, and it shows me that my expected earnings is only 12!! So, Fiverr is taking 20% from me, and jacking up the price to the buyer! That is a TOTAL RIP OFF!

Is this really happening, or am I making a mistake?

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The 20% is stated in the ToS, but the 15 to 20? That’s really odd. Double-check that your ‘currency’ set to USD? Can you provide a screenshot (hide all other usernames)?

OK, I tried to send a video, but it’s not supported file format. Will send screenshots



Yup, pretty sure it’s a currency thing. That ‘C’ in front of the dollar sign. Canadian dollars. I think you can change that by going in to account settings.


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C$ means Canadian dollar right? The US Dollar and the canadian dollar are two different currency.

Ahh, thanks guys! Thats the problem!