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Hello Fiverrs! Just arrived here. Hope to make new friends! 🐿

Hi everybody! :heart:
Finally arrived in the beautiful Fiverr family, I have to say it: it’s pretty exciting!

Always wanted to become part of this platform. Now’s the time!
Looking at the forum interactions between people, everyone seems really nice.
A lot of creativity, a lot of skills. Love a shared, working environment like this.

What to say about me?
I’m an Italian voice over artist, with a deep love for technology and music, played the drums for 13 years and still doing it with fierce passion!
I’m studying to become a psychologist at the moment, two exams to go.
But I knew and always will that there won’t be much work in this field.

That’s why I tried different routes, including the artistic ones.
Working in some radios, managing some local concerts, creating an event group years ago to organize parties and social meetings and so on.

I can’t stop moving. :joy:

But long story short, always wanted to use my voice to entertain people and work with them.
As a freelance, this will be my first time: I’m pretty happy and pretty confident that it will take A LOT to get noticed. :roll_eyes:

That’s why after my first Gig sold, I dropped the price to the lowest possible and sold my second one!
Also created a little cute amateur-ish banner to attract more buyers, I hope! :star_struck:

That said, I hope to meet a lot of interesting folks in here. See ya! :tophat:


Wow, I just read the longest bedtime story on fiverr :laughing: …Thanks for sharing your story…Anyways, welcome to fiverr…


OH GOD. Thanks! :laughing:

Sorry for my digression!
But glad that you enjoyed it.

The fact is that I love writing and talking to others. Or maybe I’m just too - Italian.
Pizza’s on me. :pizza:


Wow, Great Quality. Love Music.
Welcome to Fiver Community

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Welcome to FIVERR friend


Welcome aboard,

Can’t wait to see you move up the ranks :grinning:

Might I suggest a gig idea: offer people consultation (if you’re comfortable) for therapy sessions, or someone to talk to.

You mentioned you’re studying to become a psychologist, so you could use what you’ve learned and apply it in a practical environment.


You are welcome to the Fiverr Forum
best wishes

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Thanks a lot!
This makes me happy! :star_struck:

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That’s cool, and Welcome to Fiverr forum :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Thank you @videoarticle! Nice to meet you too!

I was wondering…but gotta have to ask in another Topic maybe - is it possible, sometimes, to provide a Gig with someone else? Like a collaboration.
I honestly doubt about it.
But I’m not sure and could be a nice idea to implement in the future, who knows.

For example, you do video articles (I guess) and I could edit and put my voice over.
But again…who knows! :sweat_smile:

Hey @josiah_roche - that’s actually a brilliant idea. :thinking:
The other day I was wondering that this could work out somehow, but opted for voice over as first Gig to promote because had many doubt about the execution of the consultation service.

I’ve done research and read that major websites cannot be linked because the policy of Fiverr (even wrote in their ToS) state that you can promote yourself outstide the site, but can’t do the opposite because of course, you could sell elsewhere and Fiverr wouldn’t get his part.

Same apply for videochat applications or any form of communication outside Fiverr, to prevent the same problem.
The forum, if I recall correctly, even censure the name of said apps, so I was wondering how could I possibly offer some consultation apart from the text messages.

Talking to people is very important, I could offer skills as well as empaty, and most important - maybe help someone in need.

Gotta think about it.
If it’s possible, I’ll do it my friend.


Thanks @emrlanka!
Nice profile pic.

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The warm welcomes are the best! :smiley:

You’re welcome


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Hope you will entertain your clients through your music.

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Welcome to fiverr
Best of luck🍀

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Thanks & welcome to connect with us. Also thanks for sharing yourself.
Go ahead with best of luck.:sunglasses:


Just choose your pizza topping, I promise it will be the best you ever tried. :pizza:

More with voice than with music I hope! :smiley:

I’ll need it.
Thanks! :clinking_glasses:

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