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Hello forum, please help what should I do?

Hello forum, please help what should I do?

I was asked to submit my ID card. Yes I have it, which I will like do so.
So when i was trying to submit them with my passport and front of id card the Fiverr is telling my check my phone then sent me “Link”, I should continue from there but sir/ma I have been waiting for like an hour now. Nothing shows up.

I didn’t received any message from them and I’m :100: sure that it’s the same number I linked to my account.

Please help me, what should do?


Did you try scanning the QR code?

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Hello sir, thanks for your response.

I don’t know how to scan the code.
Please can guide me to do that?

If your phone supports it you can just open a camera and move towards the QR code. If not there are a lot of apps that can read QR codes.

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Don’t worry. It’s a simple task. Just need to submit your NID.

  1. Scan the QR code with your mobile.
  2. Goto the link.
  3. Provide your NID front and backside.[Photo must be high resolution, Otherwise, Fiverr will reject you]
  4. Then submit.

Your id will be verified.
Best of luck.

Thanks for your response Maria.
You mean I should just open my camera and scan the code from my laptop?

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Thanks you rayhanoficials.

The question is how do I scan the QR code?

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Because bi don’t have the option to scan the code here…

Please should I do?

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Do you have smartphone?

Hey welcome!

Look at your store (Androi/Iphone ect.) depending on your OS. There are plenty of QR scanner for free for your phone. Use these app to scan the code. :grinning:

Yes I have smartphone.

If you type “scan QR code from laptop” in an internet search engine there are several posts showing how to do this from a laptop or smartphone.


Okay. Thank you for this.
Let me try that

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