Hello freelancers. I'm new here!


Hello, my name’s Elias. I’m hoping to land buyers by selling custom templates people can use for invoicing, or contact forms and such. Check them out if you’d like. I’d like input to know if I’m pricing things too high, as I haven’t sold any gigs yet. I’m also considering being a transcriber…


Buyers on Fiverr may be wary of spending even $20 on a new unproven seller. Is there something you can offer for $5 or $10 until you build your reputation?

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Welcome to fiverr and you have to hard work.


Welcome to fiverr buddy


Welcome here dude. Hope you will give fiverr something new.


I appreciate you guys making me feel welcome. @vickiespencer Good point. I will move ahead with a transcribing gig for 5 Bucks.


Welcome Elias! Sounds like a very useful gig. Care to share how your template are different from what we might find on Google?


welcome bro… best wishes for u


Its a one time purchase and fully customizable.


You are welcome. It is really wise to start small so that with time, you can earn big.