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Hello, Friends. How are you?

As you can tell from my posting here in this forum, I am a new user to the site. I’m not a buyer, but a seller of my talents. The majority of my talents lie in writing even if I do enjoy other creatives avenues. (Side note: Knitting is hard. Crochet is so much easier. Who agrees?) I definitely prefer fiction to nonfiction due to being able to take the vision in my mind and put it to paper rather than borrow from something that has already happened. Not that I have any problem with nonfiction though. Some of the most interesting novels I’ve read have been creative nonfiction.

From what I’ve read thus far on this forum, the general community seems to be welcoming. That is reassuring for new members and makes this process less daunting. I look forward to speaking with you all more and sharing my talents with those that may be in need of them. Oh, and I’m from the southern United States.


Hi @lovelyauthor,

Although we have already met, it’s time for formal greeting. :blush: :innocent: So…

Welcome to Fiverr and the forum!!! :upside_down_face:

I’m Maitasun, from Venezuela, and I provide English to Spanish translation, and Spanish proofreading as well. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi there! Welcome to Fiverr. Hope you will get great success and a pleasant experience. Best of luck! :slight_smile:

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Welcome on board, @lovelyauthor I’m Tade from Nigeria. I write, proofread and transcribe. It’s been a journey since I joined and I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself too. Brace up for the jobs ahead! Once again, welcome here

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Welcome to the Forum @lovelyauthor

I am Vickie, a retired proofreader from Montana in the Rocky Mountains of the US.

I am a crocheter. I have repeatedly tried to learn to knit with no success. I also taught many of my students to crochet. They loved it.


Oh, highly useful talent there. How do you deal with the different dialects? I ask because I was taught Spanish by a teacher whom was born in the US but had a mother from Honduras. It was definitely not the same as the Spanish spoken by those of Mexican descent. I mean, the general gist is there (like with English), but there are different tones and inflections.

Crochet is such a fun activity too. I think with knitting, I struggle with using two needles, because I’m just so used to the one crochet hook.

Congratulations on being retired. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

welcome to fiverr and fiverr forum. wish you good luck

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Welcome to fiverr. Hope so you will get succeed in fiverr to your skill.Try to get a fiverr courses and build your career easily.
wish you best of luck.:heart_eyes:

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Welcome to the Fiverr and best of luck! :money_mouth_face:

Warm welcome to fiverr forum!
I wish you the best of experience :slight_smile:

Thank you, @lovelyauthor.

Yes, it’s nice being able to make it possible for people to communicate and understand between them. :slightly_smiling_face:

Spanish, as a language, is the same for the entire Hispanic world. Writing, reading, grammar, spelling, orthography… Everything is the same for everybody. It doesn’t matter where you are from, where you learned Spanish, or by whom you were taught. We are all constricted and subjected to rules set by RAE (Spanish Royal Academy) - and they all are mandatory.

Spanish doesn’t have dialects. It circumscribes to regional words, and expressions, specific to each country, and within the countries. If those were needed, then I would go and research for the given country.

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i am fine but how are well come