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Hello friends ! How can i improve my gig?

Hello dear friend!
I am new in fiverr.
I published my fiverr gig. How can i improve my gig…? Everyone help me, please…!


@md_shohel_rana Whats is your Gig?

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Data entry @joinalabedin

active online and send buyer request :grinning:

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noted @elias_mahamud

Dear friend. It’s really hard to make money here. They can tell you that you have this or that. The truth is that you have to work a lot. Maybe in $100 to $200 range is easy, but nobody can tell you how hard it is going higher


You are talk true @file_wizzard

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There are various steps and methods to improve a gig’s visibility to the Fiverr search engine and improving its buyer engagement.

There are three basic steps to this:

  1. Quality SEO optimized gig
  2. Great Reviews from Buyers
  3. Traffic generation


1 Every day 10 buyer request send
2 Share your gig on social media

Hi. I know what you mean and I’ve tried different strategies, but none work. We are supposed to work, right? On top of that we have to do a research about SEO, Keywords, improve this or that. Why all things have to change everyday? For me BR, that I do every morning don’t work at all. I’m very disappointed about the way things change. Another thing is their “system” or “algorithm”. I really don’t know what to do. It’s very frustrating.

Share your gig through social media
Try to stay maximum time on fiverr
Develop your skill day by day
Every day 10 buyer request send
Happy Fivering

  • [1. Get Your First Order ASAP]
  • [2. Do Proper On-Page SEO of your Gig]
    • [Add keywords to Gig Title]
    • [Add the right Keywords to Tags]
    • [Add Keywords to description]
  • [3. Make trustworthy clients]
  • [4. Increase your conversion rate]
  • [5. Have a good Average Selling Rate]
  • [6. Stay online
  • [7. Become a Higher Level Seller]
  • [8. Promote your Gigs on Social Media]
  • [9. Create multiple gigs in the same category]
  • [10. Complete Regular Orders]