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Hello Friends i Am new at fiverr. . RizZu here

Guys i know i am new but i work so hard as i can, i don’t know about my profile that is created Good for GiGs or not but i am so interested in my work so i need ur suggestions for my profile and GiGs. please tell me about make better my profile. i need ur best suggestions. .


Hello rizwankhann.

I am a new user of Fiverr too, but I can try and teach you what I know.

Firstly, to gain traction on Fiverr, I’d recommend you take a look at other Gigs, they’re eye-catching, they
look like they know what they’re doing therefore to a viewer they look trustworthy and etc…

Secondly, watch some videos whether it be on YouTube or free courses on Fiverr to expand upon your
knowledge of Fiverr.

And lastly, give your potential buyers/viewers a lot of information about what you do and what they can
expect from you, I think this will help your buyers to understand what they’re buying from you.

Oh, and don’t forget to be patient! Success doesn’t come running at you as soon as you open the door if
you know what I mean!

I hope you do well on Fiverr, kind regards. -Nathaniel Bird

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If you take the above advice to “look at other Gigs”, PLEASE do NOT copy verbatim another sellers Gig title or description etc. That is a good way to get banned.