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Hello friends I'm glad to see everyone succeed!

** Hello friends I’m glad to see everyone succeed.**
I am Krishna. I’m new here .I’m a Photoshop editor.
I haven’t started getting a job yet. What do I need to do to start getting jobs.
How did you come to this success?
Looking forward to your valuable advice.


There is a buyer request section. (hiding under the “MORE” link on your page).
Try to help those buyers needs by sending your offers.
Some might message back, some not. Be patient.
Best wishes and have fun. :smiley: :v:


Thanks for your advice. You were the first to respond to my suspicion, happy. Good luck to you. :heart_eyes:

You’re welcome!
You’ll find a lot of useful hints about getting orders in this forum.
My best advice (just my opinion) is there are no golden rules. Don’t focus on money, focus on solving problems for the client.
Wish you all the best :+1:


of course. :heart_eyes: