Hello friends,Is there anyone who help me that how can i take the project as soon as possible.Because i spend 6 months here but my position is not good..Please



You could respond to buyer request asking for services you offer. Also you could check your gigs and gig info videos for any spelling or grammar errors


If you make a short catchy sentence as your heading and put the main question in your post you are more likely to get replies.


Yes i do i sent daily 10 buyer request but did not take any response


Yes i made it but deprived from taking order


I am talking about this forum post you have just made.


Ok thanks understood


He doesn’t understand at all :kissing:


No i understood thanks


Have a look at other posts to see what I mean. The heading should just be one sentence.

Hello friends. Is there anyone who could help me?

More of what you want to ask should be in the actual post at the top.


Ok now i understand thank you so much now could you please tell me how i increase my sales.Would you recommend me some tips.I shall be very grateful to you


You can go through these


Thank you could you please tell me what should i do there if you don’t mind please?


Read :wink:
Start reading the articles and you’ll find your answers on how to improve your gigs and increase sales.


Ok thank you so much i will


Take time to read through the forum and you will find lots of tips. Your recent delivery was 2 days ago so you are on your way again. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok thank you so much,I am in touch with forum for 5 months but disappointed due to shortage of orders