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Hello friends. Please check and criticize my new Gig

Hello, colleagues!
After watching the ‘Online Freelancing Essentials: be a successful Fiverr seller’ I’ve tried to create the gig description on AIDA.

I’ve spent a few days tailoring it. However, I still need your help.

So can you please check it and critically review my --> MY NEW GIG

Tell me what don’t you like. Please tell me if it’s attractive enough. Is it sufficient to convince the client?
What do you think about offering a free bonus added to the service?

I am looking for your opinions.
Have a great day,

Would appreciate if someone lives feedback :ok_hand::pray:

I think you’ve used the AIDA formula well. Your opening paragraph certainly caught my attention.

You could improve your use of language to make your description more effective. You haven’t really made errors, but the language used isn’t as crisp as it could be.

Do you know any English editors who could look your description over and make a few minor changes?

Thank you @ahmwritingco!
Yes, one of my clients is an English tutor. Hope she has time to take a look at it :slight_smile:

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Awesome. :slight_smile:

Feel free to tag me once it’s been worked on, so I can take a look at the upgraded version!