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Hello from a new member!

I am a new member from today and just would like to say hello to all people here.
I have a question for the beginning, how long did you wait for the first order here after your registration or after your first active gig?


That actually depends on your profile and gig. The more you decorated your gig the more you get order. So try to make some unique gig and stay online. Wish you luck and welcome to fiverr forum




It depends on your gig how is your gig title, description, and pricing, image and which services provide your client and your gig ranking. If you can maintain all topics you can get orders quickly.

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Thanks for your answer!

Welcome to the Fiverr forum community. Always try to keep in touch with the forum community. after published my first gig, I waited 26 days for my first order and within three months I have got a Fiverr level one seller. Thanks


Welcome to fiverr community. I am a new seller it’s been probably 20 days I joined fiverr. I got my first order after the 3days of opening the account. You have 10 request it’s a very effective thing if you use it properly. I convinced my buyers thorough sharing what I am offering.

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Thank you guys, very inspirating answers! I will keep an eye on this. :slight_smile: