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Hello from a newbie!


Hello Fiverr community! I’m new here. Trying to figure things out and how it works, and what doesn’t. My name is Lisa and I do voice over work. I’m excited to be here!!!



welcome to fiverr community :sunny::evergreen_tree::open_umbrella:


Welcome Lisa. There is nice scope for the voice overs on fiverr. You should provide nice work and you will make lot of sales soon.


Well come to Fiverr Forum



Thanks so much rahdil!


Thank you! I’m excited to be here!


Thanks for the encouraging words!


Thanks so much! I appreciate it!



you have to need work hard and publicity of your work ok social media


Thanks for the advice! I’m working on it! Thanks for the welcome!



Welcome and I hope you have great success here!

Here’s a helpful link here at Fiverr:

See you around,


Thanks so much! Im excited to be here!


Welcome Lisa! Best of luck :+1:


Welcome, Lisa. There is a lot to be learned here in the forum. As time goes on I’ve continually found ways to better present my offerings. Best of luck :slight_smile:


Thanks David! And that’s what I want to do…always become better at what I do! :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to Fiverr


Thanks so much Mdabdullah!


most welcome #lisardavis