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Hello from Berlin!

Hi fiverr community!
My name is Falk. I live in Berlin and I’m here since March. So time to introduce myself. I’m an audio engineer and electronic musician. I love working with sound. I hope I can bring my expertise to fiverr and help some customers to improve their products.

Thanks and all the best!


Welcome to fiverr forum. Wish you a very good journey :innocent::innocent::innocent:
Best of luck🤩

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Welcome to fiverr forum

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Welcome to fiverr , good luck for you :slight_smile:

@falksound Welcome To Fiverr Community!

Welcome our community

welcome and best of luck

Thanks for welcoming me! I’m really looking forward to get to know the community and I hope to have a good fiverrr experience.

Welcome to fiverr community. :heart_eyes: Wish you good luck. :v:

Welcome and best of luck :pray:

:blush: thanks so much!

Hello and good luck from India

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Welcome to fiverr @falksound
All the best

Welcome to the fiverr forum community and best wishes for you

Welcome here and good luck

Maria S.

Welcome to Fiverr forum.

Best of luck bro… carry on

Welcome to Fiverr forum!
I wish you the best of experience :slight_smile:

Thank you all and good luck for you too!

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