Hello from Canada!


Hello everyone!

I’ve been a seller for the past 3 months and I just noticed the forum…

So I guess I should introduce myself before replying to people around here XD

I’m David, or Divad, comic-book artist and author. I decided to open a Fiverr account (to see if I could be successful). Got my level 1! Pretty nice. I’m also a fitness trainer.

I come here to see how I can upgrade my Gigs, make 'em better. I’m also interested as a buyer to learn more about book marketing. I self-publish so I must rely on my own research to perform.

I speak also french.

I wish you all a good day and God bless you all! Really nice what you got here. I hope I can contribute.


Keep selling keep fiverring, Happy new year in advance.


Hi David! Welcome to the Forum.
I’m Diana, from Barcelona. I opened my account in 2015, but started working on Fiverr about a month ago.
I am a traslator, proofreader, and personal assistant.


Pleasure to meet you :slight_smile:

Do you translate from French?


Welcome to the forum. I see you have made a great start on Fiverr. Love your gigs! Best wishes for your continued success! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you @lloydsolutions !

I must add that it has been the most fun I had in a loooong time ^^ No one ever paid me before to do drawings. Very exciting.


We are a great group of people if I do say so myself! We have fun here and if you hang around you will find many friends from around the world. :globe_with_meridians: