Hello from India! Am Aditya I aspire to be a Digital Nomad


Hi Everyone,

My name is Aditya Sharma, I am an extreme introvert and quite shy. Both these qualities make me lonely as hell, but makes loneliness heavenly :stuck_out_tongue:
I am a 3D generalist, video editor, photoshop expert and basically can handle anything related to computers.
I have wanted to be a freelancer since the day I left highschool, but apart from my own website and blog, no other freelancing platform has brought me even a single project. After joining Fiverr I got my first project on the first day itself, the second one took almost a week, even though most gigs I sold on fiverr have nothing much to do with 3D or photoshop or game dev, it was something. It was hope that maybe, just maybe this could work.

In less than 2 months I became a level 1 seller. I know, i know its not so remarkable but for someone who had given up on all freelancing platforms this was big, this is my third month now and am hoping to reach level two, need 30 more orders and considering how happy my clients are I am quite confident I will achieve it.

I don’t know why suddenly am on fiverr forum, maybe I just want this to be out there, because before I joined fiverr I read tons of forum posts and they got me motivated to give it a honest try or maybe it is just that I have had too much caffeine and have completed all orders :slight_smile:


Good to know man, all the best :slight_smile:


Nice story, and a very nice start! Keep on going Aditya!!

For me I joined fiverr in 2013, did nothing with it. I started with gigs 5 weeks ago. First 30 days 5 orders. Now this week (week 5) 1 order yesterday… I hope that my incoming orders increase shortly…



Thanks :slight_smile:


I tried reading up on how fiverr ranks or decides which gigs to show above others, found nothing, but after viewing my order history it seems like great reviews is the only way. So, I have tried to give my 200% ever since.

Thanks for the well wishes and hope to see you as a level 2 seller soon too :slight_smile:
Best of luck :thumbsup:


Hey there! I did the same and agree with you. I am new to selling gigs here and not yet reached level 1.

I am also from India. Cheers to our journey!