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Hello from Indonesia

Good day, Fiverr Lover!

My name is Noe, a multimedia producer from Indonesia.
This is my first post on the forum since joining Fiverr from May 2017.

Sadly truth that I’ve never got any single buyer since joined here.
Couple months away from Fiverr and get a real job didn’t make me stop of thinking on “how can I be a successful FREE lancer”

After several things happen and suddenly something reminds me of this website who changes many people living status. Then I decided to go back, renew my GIGS, upgrade the quality of my portfolio, etc.

Until today I posted this…, still. Not single buyer yet.

But come on, don’t give up! Let’s start and walk together as a new seller here.
Greetings from Indonesia to all of you here, see you on the TOP!


Hello @ullash0707, it’s nice to see you :nerd_face:

Thank you.

Hi there, noesetiawan!

I’m Inka also from Indonesia, Jakarta to be exact :slight_smile:
Don’t lose hope yet, have you tried to appeal to buyer in the buyer request section?
I got my early buyers from there, hopefully that would help you, and don’t forget to lower your price at first just to collect good ratings first but don’t feel pressured to do this, only offer what you’re comfortable doing.

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My name is Muhammad Mushtaq I am from Pakistan .I am not getting order can you tell me the reason

Hello, my friend! @inka_iskandar

It’s nice to meet someone of my nation here! Finally, I feel not alone :grinning:

Thank you many times for those tips. I have a problem with arranging my words when it comes to talking with the buyer and gives try to offer.

Could you give some tips to offering buyer? Examples would be great.


Hello Muhammad Mushtaq! @saqlain_grapix

Thanks for coming. You can check one of these threads that probably you looking for

Hope you’ll find the answer there.

You should be personal in your message, don’t use any template or they wouldn’t be interested to even read the offer. What I’d do usually is to tell them that I’m interested in their request to do X. Sometimes I tell them why I’m excited to do the job, it’s usually because they request something in the style I love. Then I’ll go straight to the price and days needed to do the work. I sometime say that my usual price is X, but for this request I can give them discount so it will be X.

Make sure to not just put $5 and say that you would want them to message you to discuss the price further. Also don’t send offer to an unreasonable request. I always prioritize offer that are clear in their instruction, reasonable in their fund and delivery time. I guess that’s it :smiley:

Good luck!


wow, thanks for the tips! @inka_iskandar

worth to try, but I mean how do you start to break the ice?

Like, Hello my name is bla bla bla, and I’m offering you for this and that.
Or you have another better suggestion?

I’m terrible on that man :weary:

Welcome to Fiverr world. I read your status & you are such a strong boy who don’t like to give up hope. So brother keep your patience harder. I think whatever your gigs are!! If you can promote these nicely then you have great opportunity to make your life easier. So make sure that your gigs are looking eye-catching or not. Make the gigs attractive & promote it on social media more & more. Also need 24/7 h active & hard work. So All the best for future orders. :blush:

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

ooh that’s what you mean, I’ll copy-paste one of my offer that actually landed me on the deal:

Hi there,
I love the incredibles and I think I’m interested in your request. The price for 4 full body figures is $60, but I can give you discount so it’ll be $45, no hidden extra fee afterwards.
You can accept this request directly if you’re interested or you can message me first if you have any question :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s it. Hope that helps :smiley:

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That was one of a heartwarming speech I’ve got today. Thanks my friend, send my regards to all your beloved family in Bangladesh.

Big hug from Indonesia. All the best for you too!

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I 'm new as well!
Hope to find jobs as well is hard to find requestes!
What do you do?
What is your gig about?
I am going to do an internship in Indonesia soon, can’t wait


I’ll make that as my refference.
Sadly there is only one like button here, if it’s more then absolutely I’ll give you maximum like.

Thank you! Terima kasih! Maturnuwun! Haturnuhun!
(in case to those who wants to know the meaning -> Thank you)



Hello @bellaisa, thanks for coming!

We have a similar type of gigs. Video produce as well.
As I know, Fiverr not allowed to promote personal link on the forum (correct me if I’m wrong)
Please see the picture

I just don’t want you to get blocked as it will decrease your rate on someway.

May I ask if it’s that the service you provide? Because as I take a look at your profile, you provide Video Editing while the link you send is Embroidery Digitizing.

Warm regards

I am a new seller too. Yes don’t give up be patient. Wish you all the best.


Hello @jessy455, Thanks!

Hope you’ll get all the best result among all the efforts !

Sorry I pasted the wrong link >D
Thank you for the tip I deleted the link :wink:
Yes I do video editing!! just graduated and I am trying to do freelance job.
How is seen the world of media production in your country? I am really excited about the internship.
Is it difficult for you to find job as freelancer? and on fiveer as well, what do you think we should do to allow people to find us?


Thanks Noesetiawan. Again wishing you all the best & Happy Ramadan Karim to all the peaceful people of Indonesia. :two_hearts::two_hearts:

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WOW. You’ve been here for a whole year and yet still haven’t given up hope. That’s amazing.

I’ve been here for a month since I first created my very first gig. However, I’ve already felt the struggle. Currently my biggest and most important problem is few people have viewed my gigs. There’re total 4 people viewed it, approxiately. That’t not a good sign and I absolutely know nothing about digital marketing.

Luckily, I just found out Buyer Request feature on fiverr today, hopefully this can help with the problem.

After reading your post I think I really need to be patient and keep pushing. Do my best to get the first deal.:grin:

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Hi @bellaisa, I’m really sorry for late reply.

Media production in my country has a big potential as this thing is not huge yet as the market world demanding. But it goes back to how you sell your product. In my opinion only.

Be humble, build a strong relation to anybody. Invest your time wisely for any relationship you build. Don’t be worry about something you don’t need to worry about in another term “have a courage” to start something new.

Well, I’m not a good example as you can see, I don’t even get single buyer yet here. But out there away from my monitor, I have reasons that make me able to deliver those words above.

Anyway, don’t be hesitate to ask anything about Indonesian stuff. I’ll always ready to help.
If I’m not online here, you can easily type my name on any Social Media.

P.S. Someone told me to not using inbox here for any reason out of business. In case you guys meet high temper seller, they can report you as a spam and it has an impact on your rate.

And that’s why I suggesting my Social Media.

PEACE ! :v: