Hello from the other side :)


Hey everyone,
I have no idea how should I begin. This is my first ever post in a forum (or maybe second).
My name is Atif Ur Rahman, I’m enrolled in Computer Systems Engineering at a local College in Pakistan. Graphic designing is my hobby.
I have a few questions and I need suggestions from you guys.

  • I had created my fiverr account back in November 2016 but I created my gig a few days back, I want to know does an old joining date leaves a bad impression on the buyers?

  • I have been sending buyer requests for almost a week now but haven’t got my first order yet. I wake up every day hoping that I’ll get my first order today but nothing happens. I don’t even know if my gig shows up in the search results. Please guide me about getting my first order, I have the skills, I just need an opportunity to showcase them.

Thank you for your precious time,

have a nice day :slight_smile:


Hey Atif,

I don´t think your account creation date leaves a bad impression; if anything, buyers probably feel safer with older accounts.

Keep sending offers to Buyer Requests, you only have 1 gig and AFAIK that´s one you have lots of competition for, so most probably buyers whose requests you reply to get lots of offers, and from sellers with reviews and portfolios too, plus, a week isn´t that long.
You can also advertise your gig on the forum, but only in the ‘My Fiverr Gig’ category.

I noticed your gig cover image has ‘from 5$’ on it but your gig starts at 10$, maybe change one of the two, it might confuse buyers? Probably offering your gig for 5$, at least until you have gotten a few orders and reviews, would give you better chances in that high competition niche, you can always set prices higher once you get too many orders to manage with the 5$ price.

You only have 1 gig, maybe try 1 or 2 more with either different, or more specific things (‘I will design flyers for… (specific branch/event/whatever)’ or ‘I will design… (minimalist/colourful/etc.) flyers’), then you can experiment a bit with different tags too to maybe find a hit combination. Or, if you can design flyers, you surely can design other things too? You can create up to 7 gigs on your seller level, I think.

Maybe mention your college enrollment in your profile or under education or the gig description, ‘Computer Systems Engineering’ is somewhat relevant and buyers might like to read that, even if it doesn´t have to do with your gig directly, ‘computer pro person’ is always a good recommendation, I think.

Hope some of that helps, good luck and have a nice day too! :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you so much miiila for such a detailed response. I really appreciate that.
I’m gonna implement all of the suggestions that you’ve made.
I had edited my gig and changed the price from $10 to $5 but I guess, the thumbnail wasn’t updated.
Thanks again for taking out your time to write such a thorough reply.:bouquet: