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Hello from the USA!


Hey Fiverr world! Cleveman here, originating out of the USA! I’m very excited to show Fiverr the high quality services I offer to the community.

I am currently a student studying Computer Networking at a local community college and I have been learning a TON about the world of computers. Using the internet and computer has been an integral part of my daily life ever since I was a little kid, and I am very excited to get the chance to show the rest of the world what I can offer!

Right now I am offering English transcription services, user testing of websites and secret phone call QA to businesses.I hope to get my foot in the door relatively quick here and I am thankful to be a part of the community.




Thanks friend! Any advice for a newcomer?


Welcome! Good luck on your journey!


Congress :slight_smile:


What does Congress have to do with the OP’s introduction?


Due to the lack of funding, Congress is currently unable to provide a secret service pro to answer your question. :wink:


Congratulations… :confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball:

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Congratulation for your secret service.


@umaralbarkan , I think you missed the humor in @fonthaunt 's comment.

@fonthaunt – Well played. :wink:


Yep. And might I add, perfectly timed, too. :rofl: :+1:






You might wish to rethink what kind of message are you sending to your potential buyers.
Personally I would not hire a person that offers prank calls to do mystery shopping for my business. Not saying you can’t do both, but personally I prefer working with people who have outgrown prank calls :slight_smile:

I’ve hired people before to test website usability, so I know a bit about it :slight_smile:
When I checked your gig I noticed you’re lacking a few things

  • There’s no sample report. You can upload a PDF file to show what kind of report you will be giving. You can do your report on a dummy website, doesn’t matter.
  • Your gig description is lacking details. What exactly will you be testing or reviewing? Technical performance, usability, sales funnel conversion, visual design, security, ADA compliance - what? Listing only shopping cart example is not detailed enough.
  • There are no specifics about what kind of tools or devices you’re using. Will you be using actual devices or emulators? Which browsers?
  • Don’t bash non-natives. I’m not a native English speaker and my grammar is definitely not perfect, but it doesn’t mean I can’t audit a website.

PS. I would skip the “studying in college” part altogether. If you’re targeting established businesses then I’d say they usually don’t go for newbies. They want someone with experience and “studying” usually indicates that you’re not there yet.

Try to focus more on what you have done already rather than what you are doing or will accomplish in the future. A good example would be “I audited site X and thanks to my input the company improved website’s usability/performance or whatever by Y”.


Wish you all the best


Hey thanks a ton on the feedback. I got a mention from another user on Fiverr about how he would recommend not doing prank calls. I see the point you guys are making and I feel to keep my profile as professional as possible I am removing the prank call option. I definitely need to work on revision for my profile. I’m going to tweak descriptions of both my gig listings and profile itself.

I’m going to put your advice to good use and spruce up my profile, again thanks for the advice!

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Welcome. Hope you become successful on Fiverr.


I went ahead and added a sample analysis for a Shopify website. Would it be wise to have screenshots of the report or the entire PDF file?


Welcome to Fiverr :smiley:

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