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Hello Future Clients

I am the “treasuregiver” here on fiverr. My username really fits my gigs. :slight_smile: I am a young graphic designer and my two gigs are cartoon and pixel portraits. See below some examples of my work.

Think about it - you just wrote a post that you wanted future clients to read. You posted in in a forum that is clearly for sellers to read, since it is called “Tips for Sellers.” While some of your fellow sellers do buy as well, your post is not a tip for other sellers. It is not a tip for buyers either, it is just you advertising your gigs.

You need to click Edit and move your post to the “My Fiverr Gigs” area and stop spamming. Please read the forum Do’s and Don’t before you continue posting. That said, good luck on Fiverr and I do hope you find some buyers using appropriate methods. :wink:

Reply to @fonthaunt: I hate jerks like you who don’t know what your talking about. :wink: This is in my fiverr gigs.