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Hello Ghost writers, please help me out

I have had many clients asking me for proof of my ghost writing work. Unfortunately, once I deliver my work, I give all the rights pertaining the book to the author or the client. I see the need to prove to new clients that I am good at writing auto bios and memoirs, but how do I do this without infringing on the privacy of the already existing clients? I tried asking for permission but the ones I have worked with so far are not comfortable with that arrangement.
Someone please advice


Stop spamming the forum. It doesn’t help you at all, only hinders for it will result in you being blocked.

@aswaninabwen510 I would recommend creating some samples to show to people that are aside from what people have ordered. For example, just ‘invent’ a memoir.

Or, add in your gig description that you retain the right to use all delivered works in your portfolio to showcase to potential clients. This is an easy option for when this happens in the future.


Maybe you could ask a family member or friend if you can write a piece on them for the purpose of a portfolio. Apply the usual “names have been changed for sake of anonymity”.


Why didn’t I think of this before? thank you so much @jake_hopkins, I think I will modify my gig description.

thank you so much @imagination7413, I already have a published book, I should have thought of giving them access to it online, this things should be obvious, yet not so obvious at the same time. Thanks once more