Hello give me some tips to sell my services on fiverr


i am professional Photo Editor , i want to sell photo Editing services on fiverr so please suggest me some tips and offers to make first sale on fiverr



firstly upload your professional profile picture and then edit your photo editing gigs with more information (explain benefits,quality and related to prices)
and then promote your gigs to facebook,twitter and other social media sites
i hope through this you’'ll get more orders on gigs
thank you


I think, you should search for the most demanding services in photo-editing. I don’t think so, majority will be interested in removing a background from these products pictures.


Hello @samilislam001

Tips to help you improve your profile are:
Add keywords to your tagline , profile description and gig description
Send buyer request everyday with most effective offers
Complete your profile with all certificate portfolio etc.
Keep your rates low as right now you need to pick your profile up.

Will dig more into your profile to let you know if there is something else to guide you with.
Warm regards
Zunaira shah


Thsnks sir i will change this now


Thanks sir i will change this now