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Hello! Greetings from Indonesia :D

I’m new here on the forums. I’ve always been curious with this forum, but always get confused as to what should I post. haha. Therefore, I’ll try with an introdutions post :smiley:
I’m Syaviray(It’s actually my real name, but mixed into one pen-name,lol), 21 y.o this year. I’m in my 3rd year collage, and I’m taking animation as my main course.
I hope I can make lots of new friends here :blush:


Welcome to the Fiverr Forum. If you stick around and read the posts, there is much to learn. You may even make some friends, Iknow I have. I looked at you gig images. You are talented. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thankyou very much for the kind welcome! :smile:
yeah I’ve been checking the forum since, and there’re a lot of things for me to read and catch up to. I do hope to make some new friends too here, but still wonder how to :joy: haha

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You are welcome to Fiverr.
I wish you the very best!


Welcome to Fiverr your work is amazing I am impressed:)

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Thankyou so much :blush: @zaiba202 @curate2341

just visited your profile. wow ! you do great job.

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If you post often, people who also are here often will start to interact with you. :blush:

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Thankyou! :smile: @veniceart

Ooh, note taken. Thanks :smiley: @vickiespencer

Hy guy’s
I am new here on the fiverr. fiverr is a good communication plateform.