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Hello Guys after becoming the Level One Seller my profile has been totally down


Guys i am very upset nowadays … When i was new in fiverr then my sales were going up day by bay and gigs impressions , clicks and views were also going high.But after becoming the Level One Seller my all Gigs have been gone downword with red arrows.I dont know what has been done with my prfile.Please check my profile for any further improvements. Thank You for your time.


Hello @fahadsaeed_20 ,

I think that your profile is actually very good. Your average response time is very fast. Your gigs are very interesting. I am sure that people will buy your gigs.

Don´t worry. Actually you are lucky. I am waiting since several weeks and I have not received any order yet.



Well, I think its a general thing now. The market is slow…although i got an order two days after i joined fiverr…This may depend on what you sell.



Hi there,

do research and use proper keywords, tags and promotion. Also, change your gig picture and few words in gig description. It may help :slight_smile:


Reply to @phoenix96: OKay Thank You for your support! :slight_smile:


Reply to @petology: Ahan Thank You for your support! :slight_smile:


You must have a lot of competition within your niche… Promote on your social media pages. Create a free website and drive traffic to it. Use adwords, facebook, or twitter to advertise your gig only with $5.


Part of the issue is now you are no longer competing against other new sellers. I would spend some time looking at the top rated sellers who sell similar gigs. Look at their photos and videos and gig descriptions and see if there is anything you can spruce up and make better. There are fewer new gig than there other upper level sellers so you probably have to stand out more now.


Sure Guys … Thnx to all for your suggestions. :slight_smile:


this happens to every one