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Hello Guys ! Can you please provide feedback for my account

Hello All ! I am new to Fiverr. Can someone provide feedback for my profile

Please provide your valuable suggestions.


Hi there,
You choose a very rare field, and i don’t know about this services at all.

still based on what i see…, your thumbnail is not confincing enough. It’s like a student works.
and your gig description tips:

  1. You should try tell costumer why your service needed.
  2. Why they should choose you? Strong point?
  3. Delivery files? What will client get?
  4. Alwasy add FAQS. These will make your gig professional.

Try to think like a newbie, what information newbie need before make an order.
You should have alot of idea from this.

Best regards,
Ridwan Sugi


Nice tips…

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Hi there,

I know you want orders and using fourm for this purpose.

But this method is not working and posting tbese types of things can be harmful for your imgage.

Try to answer the questions of peape after doing little research about that topic. And also asks sensible questions which may attract the audience.


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