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Hello guys help me get first order on my gig

Check out my Fiverr gig on
let’s make this work.


Welcome to fiverr forum. Now you can do the following things. I hope that these will help.

Be active on Fiverr & Forum also.
Share your gig on social media but do not cross the limit.
Send offer to buyer requests regularly.

thanks for the contribution

Don’t offer unlimited revisions! Buyers could continue to request revisions as many times as they want and you could end up doing work that wasn’t included in the original order. Also, the buyer can keep request revisions for even years, so you’d be working days and nights just to earn $4 from your basic package! I hope this helps!

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Thanks for the great remarks what is the correct number of revision of a basic package?

I’d say offer maybe 1 or 2 revisions and then charge more for extra revisions through the gig extras option!