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Hello guys, i am new here and i have a question

I just registered 3 days ago and i wonder how to get the first order) can u guys give me some useful tips on this (btw i am a translator).


Hi, i’m new here too! From what I learned, you need to look at other translators gigs like for reference. See the prices and stuff. Check their descriptions too. Make such to have multiple gigs, so there’s a high chance of getting an order. Buyer requests are super handy, but don’t rely on them too much and of course, check out this forum for plenty more tips and stuff! Those should help since questions are being answers per day. Hope I helped you a bit and good luck! <3


Thanks for helping) where can i find Buyer requests?


You can put your question in the search bar and get answers to your question. No need for a new topic as there are many on here already.


Another question for the search bar.


Click on “More” in drop down menu you can see BR.


from your home page, in the menu options, you will see “MORE”
click on it, there will be a drop down options, you will find BUYERS REQUEST there.



spent some time here , always you will get something new and useful.


Congratulations on registering Fiverr and creating GIG in your niche. These are some important Tips to Rank your GIG and get orders:


  1. Always try to be online on Fiverr
  2. Respond to the buyer messages asap.
  3. Send an offer on Buyer request every day.
  4. Create SEO friendly GIG with relative TAGs and GiG Descriptions.
  5. Use relevant images and rename the image according to the GiG Title.


  1. Don’t change the GIG Title
  2. Don’t use irrelevant GiG Images
  3. Don’t go offline/out of office status


  1. Share the GIG link as much as you can.
  2. In case you don’t have a review from a long time on Any GiG, Do GiG review exchange.
  3. The main heading of the GIG Title should be at least 3 times mentioned in the GiG description.
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