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Hello guys, i want to use fiverr as my main source of income, is it possible.?

Hello everyone, i need your advice and support about using fiverr as my main source of income based on your experiences.

Cause am still new here even though i manage to sell two gigs, Please guys am depending on your answers and suggestion on how can i achieve that.

Thank you.

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Of course it’s possible. But I wouldn’t consider it until you start to receive so much work that time is starting to run out, and that your work pays enough. But a lot of people have mentioned that they suddenly saw a complete stop in sales for no particular reason, so should never put all eggs into one basket. :slight_smile:


thanks lot my dear this is very helpful

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Yes. But you have to dedicate the first few months to building your profile (orders and reviews) and it can be pretty brutal. What I mean by “building the profile” is working tirelessly without complaining.

Then it gets easier and if you maintain the quality and keep in mind all the big holidays (when the lapses in sales happen), it’s a relatively smooth ride most of the time.


So it takes time, i thought may be its matter of few weeks

Thank you so much i think now is time of building up my profile :heart_eyes:

There are people here who complain about not being able to get it going for years. So a few months would be relatively fast. It’ll depend on what you’re selling and how effective you are but I remember being able to tell quite quickly that it was working for me.

Good luck. :slight_smile:


thanks again i real appreciate that


Ill second everything Lena said, and add a recommendation to add more gigs, and ideally find a way to promote to a niche. For example for online marketing, which industry would you most like to market in?

So you can have generic gigs and some for specific industries.

The niche gigs are the quickest way to get noticed


Yes it is. But don’t see Fiverr as a source of income; Fiverr is a marketing tool which helps you to attract customers.

Think about your profession and on different ways on how to make money and how to find new clients. Sure, Fiverr is a good way to do this, but it is smart to not have all your eggs in the same basket so to say.

Think for yourself: if Fiverr didn’t exist, could I make money with what I am offering in my gigs? If yes, then Fiverr can be your main source of income, if no, you won’t be able to make it (ironically).


I think everything that needs to be said has been said above, but I’d also add
“be sure to have a backup plan.”
It IS possible to make Fiverr your main source of income, and some people are very successful I believe. Still though, make sure you have a backup plan.
I’ve seen way too many people posting things like “I stopped getting orders what do I do Fiverr is my ONLY income.”
I am aware that there is a difference between “only” and “main,” but still, having something on the side is a good idea I think :slight_smile:


Always, for everything, not just your income!


yes it is possible, but be sure to get a backup plan.

Today, fiverr is basically my only source of income. BUT fiverr is always changing, and tomorrow you can be passed on top of rankings and impressions, to the last page, for no reason.

Start with fiverr being your second plan, and gradually pass it to first plan if necessary.

Fiverr is awesome, but TODAY it’s not a safe place to think a long term relationship.


wow! thanks much,
you real encourage me to go beyond what i was thinking, i don’t know how can i explain it but i learn a lot from your reply.
Thanks again.

u should be dedicate seller…

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Yes it is possible i am a full time seller on fiverr and it is my main source and i love it i just started working on fiverr 1.5 year backs and got good response for my services.

The truth is if you are providing good quality services and buyers are loving it you can survive anywhere thats the key to success you have to gain trust of buyers which is difficult but not impossible ! once a buyer bought your gig 70% chances are he will buy again your services according to my calculation .[in my case over 1.5 years i am not saying this is true for all sellers]

Best of luck for your future on fiverr !! :slight_smile:

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Yes, it is possible if you have enough skill and time.

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thank you, i will do my best.