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Hello Guys! I'm here to share my dreams with you all!

I’m Gemini! I’m an Italian girl who loves webcomics and illustrations. I started a webcomic series and I started to think to work full time as an illustrator/cartoonist.

How I said, I love webcomics, but also manga. I’m a big fan of Japanese comics! I love the way they tell the story, how the protagonist’s emotion become a part of the reader and I love manga style!

My big dream is to work as a webcartoonist and illustrator, however, I’m just a beginner! I know I can do more! Another big dream is to leave my country and move to Seoul, learning new things, like language, culture and tradition. I want to have a new life, start at zero, making my own choices! It’ll be a nice experience!

I hope to have a nice experience here too! I’m quite kind, talkative and friendly!


I dream of making web comics as well! I would love to bring one of them to an animation studio someday and create fantastic cartoons for both kids and adults. What is your favorite manga of all time? I love reading Soul Eater, Higurashi and Inuyasha.

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I’m actually a creator of HEAL ME on webtoon. I love Attack On Titan, Dororo, My Hero Academy, Inuyasha (was my first, with Full Metal Academy)
About webcomics: Killing Stalking, Lore Olympus, True Beauty, Edith, Siren’s Lament, Who Made Me A Princess

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Awesome! I remember when Killing Stalking was at the peak of popularity. Fanart everywhere. It’s still popular isn’t it? I really want to watch Dororo but can never find the time to do so.

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Dororo is really nice, I love how it’s made. I always wanted to draw with a classic manga style, but mine is not so close…

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Welcome to the platform😍

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Ciao @geminiwebcomics. Oh, I love your introduction. It is so sweet. A huge welcome to you on Fiverr and the Forum. Beginner or not you’ve just taken a huge step towards your blooming career, well done!! :smiley:

And yes if your dreams are to move to Seoul, so be it! Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself. Best of luck in your dreams and to your success here on Fiverr.

Ciao, Humberto

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Thank you, Dear! I’m happy to see people answering to my presentation >-<

Aww, thank you! I like your warm welcome! I hope to reach all my dreams and I wish good things for you too!