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Hello guys, I'm new here, say welcome to me :D

Hello guys :raised_hand:
I am Jonk from Indonesia :indonesia:, I am graphic design [Photoshop user]
I just joined here and I forgot to introduce myself :sweat_smile:
Please say welcome to me :pray:

Thank you.


Oh! I’m also new here! Can you help me on something? I don’t know about anything here? How can I have a job like, I only see “buying” in the option and i can’t do anything about it.


Hi @casslav :raised_hand:
Me too. it’s just that I keep trying, make portfolios, make cheap gigs, make good introductions in the description and keep looking at buyer requests and submit proposals. that’s all I can help you with.


Thank you! But how did you do it?

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Sorry, I misunderstood.
Here can not find job, just looking for experience how to get job, facing problem, or all about fiverr…

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You are all welcome , please keep your eyes open here and read very extensively, Thanks

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Welcome to Fiverr! Goodluck! :slight_smile:

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You’re Welcome to this platform

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Welcome guys and I am also new here :slight_smile:

Welcome designer, Good to get you here. Make a fortune.

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