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Hello guys! I'm new member here!

Hello members, I’m Alam Rayhan. Greetings from Bangladesh. how are you all doing? can you help me with any tips or ideas you got? Let’s have a conversation. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Welcome to our little corner of the :earth_americas:. May your new freelance career on Fiverr be a success!


I don’t think it would be wise for you to be offering any seller tips here on Fiverr. You’re a brand new seller who joined this site within the last 30 days, you have no sales or reviews, and no seller level or reputation. It might be a better idea for you to develop some success on Fiverr, before you offer to advice and assist other new sellers.


I think this is a language issue. I think he’s asking for our tips, not saying he’ll provide them.

Yet another reason to communicate properly!



If he’s asking for tips, @alam96rayhan , you can find plenty of tips by reading the forum. There is nothing we can tell you here, that hasn’t already been shared many times all over the forum. You might find more of what you are looking for by just reading through the forum for a few hours. :wink:

If he’s offering to share tips, my comments remain.

I really wish new sellers would take initiative, and learn what they need on their own – from the many resources already available, instead of always asking taking the easy route to knowledge. Research is an extremely valuable and beneficial part of being a successful freelancer.

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I would love to know why people see the forum as a shortcut to avoid taking initiative and doing research.

It’s like people think senior sellers are their consultants or something. It’s utterly bizarre.

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Amen to that!

Yep. Just today, I had to ignor yet another newbie seller who sent me a private message begging me to make them rich and successful. I am not a genie who grants success to those who beg me for it. :roll_eyes:

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Sorry that happened to you. I disabled private messaging on the forum for that reason, but now I get messages from them to my main Fiverr account! They have no idea why that’s rude…

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It actually happens to me quite often. I ignor all such requests. The solutions they beg me to provide to them, are the same solutions the beg for here on the forums. If they get any answers, they’ll get their answers here… not in a private message sent to me.

Oh, I’ve gotten plenty of messages there too. The same “gimmie orders fast” that they beg for here on the forums.

New sellers, if you want tips, just READ the forum.


Perhaps you misunderstood … As I am a newbie I am facing things that I’m not familiar with and don’t know what to do for promotions. Here I asked for some tips or ideas from the experienced people. I already did some research and this is a small part of it. It’s always okay if someone is not willing to reply about this matter. Thank you :blush:

No, I understood what you wrote. What you wrote, and how you wrote it, came across like you wanted people to ask you for advice. @humanissocial was likely right, you did not express yourself well in the English language, so what you wrote, does not appear to be what you meant.

It is helpful to communicate well in English, if you wish to interact with others, and, more importantly, if you want to be successful as a seller here on Fiverr.

And what did you learn about “promotions” from your research?

I don’t know what this means, however, if it means, “don’t respond to me”, you’re out of luck. This is a public forum, and you started it by asking people to interact with you and share their input. It is inappropriate to tell other people to stop replying, just because you don’t agree with them. I would hope this is not what you were trying to say.

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I don’t think senior sellers are my consultant or something. I apologize for my post being annoying to you.

There are many ideas and tips but you have to do your research.
Also, one tip I will offer is be regular forum member and you will learn new things every now and then.

I agree with you and I am not telling anyone to stop replying. I wanted some replies from senior ones if they can help me with their valuable ideas. If nobody replies I don’t have anything to do, right? So I have to be okay with it. That’s all I wanted to say. I apologize for my comment if you find it annoying.
There was a typing mistake that may led to different meaning. Sorry for that.

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I know my English is not good as yours. But when I was typing I was in a hurry. That’s why I made a typing mistake unintentionally that might led to different meaning. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Welcome to Forum.
Have a good day.
Marketing your gig

thank you so much dear

Active in forum. There are many issues submitted here so you can learn a lot from the forum. Welcome:slightly_smiling_face:

Spent more time on fiverr, fiverr automatically promote your Gigs on First page, which may chance to increase getting more ORDER…use social media platform to promote your gigs, when i have no order i have spent more time on social media.

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Thanks for your advice