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Hello guys! I'm new to this platform and exploring! I'm a health professional and would like to hear how many of you have ever had online consultations?

Would like to know how long it took you guys to receive your first order on this platform ?


it depends on luck actually…

I received mine 2 weeks later :thinking:

It depends on luck. It is completely difficult to say. But it took me 1 month.

Hello @ayeshachaudary2 and @faisal95bd, Welcome to the Fiverr forum. Since you are new to Fiverr, please do the following course. It’s completely free. This will help you a lot. Good luck.


Thank you ! Will definitely have a look !

that’s encouraging !

It was 5 day for me, but after that no continuation. Now I hardly get 1 order per week :confused:

Hi everyone, I am new there