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Hello guys is it possible to work together on fiverr

Hi, i’m a new seller on fiverr and i am trying to get some extra income
but i’m facing a problem that a i need some to collaborate with me on a Gig
is that possible ??
(i need an American speaker for animated explainer videos Gig )
thank you .


You need someone with American accent or someone who speaks English?

Either way voice over as a outsource is huge problem and you should avoid it. Tell your client to find voice over actor she likes.

And if you want to cooperate with someone on along run and you are going to specify in your GIG that voice over can not have different voice from the one you are providing (through someone else) then maybe…

The pricing needs to be higher so you can cover the cost of the double fee, plus if you want to avoid double fee that persons needs to trust you will pay after it delivers voice over… a lots of issues here. Better to find someone locally (that you can trust and vice versa) in your city that does voice overs and join in team on internet.

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thank you so much for the reply
yes to start i want to work with only one person and provide just one voice .
i’m not from an English speaking country so i can’t find someone who can help
i have a some how good american accent though but i don’t have enough confident and i think i need more
practice with a native speaker to train my vocal muscles which is impossible where i live
again thank you so much

Then I think computer voice overs would be safest solution. Not the best solution, but safest.

Look for online voice overs that can be edited and resold commercially.

thank you :slight_smile: i really appreciate your help

@marinapomorac talks a lot of sense. Always avoid unnecessarily complicating jobs on Fiverr.

If you were to hire a voiceover yourself, you would effectively become project manager - but this carries a lot of responsibility and brings problems. What if your client doesn’t like your choice of voiceover or they change their mind later on? If you’ve paid for the voiceover, then you’ll lose your money. It really isn’t worth the risk for the potential hassle and expense you could face.

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