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Hello guys...senior members and buyers

I am happy to join Fiverr. I am a beginner. I know the work which I explain in my gigs. But can’t find buyer.Even I shared my gigs on social media. please help me with this.

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do you use the section “Buyers Requests” regularly? It really helped me in the beginning. Just contact up to 10 buyers a day and offer your work. Someone will buy eventually!

Best of luck

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I see it regularly …And send requests …Till now can’t find buyer …hope so …

Active 16+ hours within 24 then You would be able to see some buyer request and also depend about your category jobs. you need to make different category If you know. which is coming Don’t Miss them So, for that you need to stay there 17+ hours and Share you gigs on social sites with hash tag like #.

Be patient!

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