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Hello, Guys Social media gig marketing is perfect? Get my fast order?

Guys social media is perfect for Fiverr gig marketing? How to get my fast order?
Please suggest to me.

Thank you so much for your help.


you don’t have to do gig marketing.
fiver it self will do your gig marketing.
you read fiver terms of services.&
send buyer request.

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Please don’t do any social media marketing, it is not spamming your link in comments and posts as you probably think. There is no something like fast order, search for “How to improve your gig” and follow instructions.

This is so wrong on every possible level.

You should do targeted marketing to your audience, that doesn’t mean you should spam comments inboxes etc with your link.


Unfortunately, this is 100% wrong. Fiverr does NOT market or promote your gigs for you. You are responsible for building your own success. YOU are responsible for connecting to your target customers, and convincing them to hire you. If you just sit around, and wait for that to happen for you, then you aren’t likely to have any sales.

  1. Send A attractive Job Proposal on your Buyer Request
  2. Make sure your Profile is 100% Professional Look
  3. Only A outstanding Portfolio can gave your 1st Order

so try to this, Best of luck. Good Bye!


Thanks, for your opinion.


Thank you so much all friend for your valuable suggestion.