Hello guys, talk with me about your gigs


Hello everyone , how are you ?
What’s up on fiverr?
And talk about work in fiverr, and your gigs
Tell me


hey bro i am fine what about you,?


I am so good , what is work you in fiverr?


Hello friend… I’m a graphic designer… You are welcome…


Hi firend, can you tell me about expert in fiver


i am new here bro , My gig is about Graphic designing and i want to sell business card gig, :slight_smile:


I am doing short video storys for instagram, It’s my hobby and I love with my work :heart:


Why? My gigs are my own, just are your gigs are your own. Why is it necessary for any of us to “tell you about our gigs”? What purpose does that serve?

If you want to know what we do, you can easily explore Fiverr on your own.