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Hello guys ! You like the new profile Design?

Hi folk,

I hope you all are fine and doing great :slight_smile: You like the new profile design which Fiver updated today ? Its looks now clean and classy :slight_smile: I like it . They removed the top banner and increase the space for the profile page :slight_smile:

Looking forward for your thoughts on this updates .

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I think it’s pretty fine.
But the day before (I believe) I coudn’t get in the internet and should have asked someone beyond (by phone call) to make something on fiverr for me and I was guiding this someone on the site. And if the design was changed the day earlier I couldn’t do this, so I think it was luck. )

Yeah it is pretty clean and :slight_smile: white color is simple and classic :slight_smile:

yeah it was your luck :slight_smile: u guide him at the right time

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yes i like it too… simple and Clean Design :heart_eyes:

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Awesome ! simple design with neat & clean :slight_smile: lol

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I like it . . . looks more elegant and professional :sunglasses:

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New design…? Please someone share the screenshot! I am not seeing anything new!! :sweat::sweat:

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Honestly, I’m not loving it. I really like the new revenues section, but I miss having a single click to access my dashboard. Especially since the dashboard is is where I spend 90% of my time.


I think OP is talking about something NEWER, he is talking about how our PROFILE looks.

Although I do not see yet, would love to see some screenshots to see what he is talking about.

Oh, there’s a profile change? I haven’t noticed!

Yup u are saying right !

Hay check it out the your profile page and you will see a new design of our profile

Go check it out ! and come back and share your thoughts :slight_smile:

okay let me edit the post and add the screen shots for you people

@iamsachmusic @brejay
OP was talking about THIS update:


You’ve been using PhotoShop again! :wink:

ME use photshop? :scream:


Nice cat . . . :sunglasses:

Ohh… seriously??? If i know there is a new design update then why would i ask for the screenshot? Because i am not able to see that new design. :weary: