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I’ve been apart of Fiverr for a couple of months now. However, now have a potential client who is needing a full-time person and it sounds like it’s a go. Now when it’s going to be a long term project do you just continue to work through Fiverr or what do some of you do on that?


According to Fiverr’s terms of service, you are not allowed to work with your buyers outside of the platform. Taking this into consideration, you risk having your account banned for doing so.

This is so both to protect the buyers and sellers, but mostly, to make sure Fiverr isn’t loosing out on revenue because buyers and sellers will take their business elsewhere.

So I would recommend sticking to Fiverr, and use the system here to facilitate the work.


And don’t forget, getting more business done via Fiverr might increase your ranking and status on Fiverr, which in turn can lead to even more sales here on Fiverr.


Thank you, I have no problem staying with Fiverr I was just concerned about how long term projects work? I would honestly rather have Fiverr be that middle man and ensure that I’m doing my part and they are paying me that way no one is getting pushed over. I saw there was a place to upload a client list, currently I’m still only two months into being on here so I don’t have that yet. I have been exploring just to get a feel of the website and everything that comes with it.

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So with long term projects, how would you go about them? After every article or written piece than submit a new offer form?

There are several ways you can handle long-term projects. Making many orders might be good for the amount of reviews/stats you get here on Fiverr, but it could be bothersome for the buyer having to order many times for smaller things. You should try to find a balance here.

For single, large, long-term projects, I’d use the Milestone function. This allows you to create big orders with milestones, and the client can then choose to proceed to the next milestone when you deliver.

Here’s a great post about using Milestones:

So let’s say the client needs 10 articles per month.

You could then set up an order with a milestone for every 2 articles for example. This is the way I do it when I get long-term VO projects here on Fiverr, for example if the buyer needs me to deliver 2000 words of regular voice-over every two weeks.


OK thank you for the clarification. Now I have a better understanding about the milestone. I saw them. Like I said I’ve been exploring and trying to see all that Fiverr has for Freelancers. Trying to get familiarized with the website in general. Thank you for the information this helped a lot.

It sounds like a scam, honestly. Plus, nothing with a duration over 30 days is allowed on Fiverr, so it’s against TOS.


I disagree. Having a buyer wanting to work with you regularly is a common occurrence, and nothing out of the ordinary. As long as the buyer pays the order, and you deliver, it’s business as usual.

Fiverr has no rules against working with the same buyer/seller for any period, but any one order can be maximum 30 days. When that order is complete, you can simply make another one for 30 days.

Yes. And don’t fall for the long term client scam that is tried on many new sellers where they want samples of your work, then disappear. Or the other one where you are supposed to send them $50 or some other sum to sign up with them.

You would not submit an offer form to them unless you mean a custom order form.
They would need to place an order first.

Do not send anyone free samples. Make them place an order before you do any work, every time.


I think they meant a long order. Separate orders and a perpetual order are two totally different things. Full time is perpetual, not separate.

I don’t think anyone was thinking of making a perpetual order here on Fiverr, as that isn’t technically possible. But if a buyer is placing a regular order every month, for regular work, that is perfectly fine. Full-time doesn’t have to be perpetual. I can work full-time on a project for a month, and then finish the project and move on.

Unless we’re talking about the buyer hiring you with a contract, paying your social security etc. but that is a different animal.

Anyway, as I understood it, the OP wanted to know if it was wise to take the work off of Fiverr because it was a long-term and full-time project with regular work, rather than staying on Fiverr - and in that case, the answer is no, because the ToS doesn’t allow for it.

There are scams where people offer full time work and such. Full time means the buyer would be requiring at least 40 hours a week for more than one month. It makes no sense, really.

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Why doesn’t that make sense? I’ve been hired full-time before on bigger projects like web design, where I worked 35-40 hours a week for 1-3 months on their project.

It all depends on the project. But of course, you must always evaluate the client and consider the fact that they may be scamming you. But I see no reason why there’s any bigger risk of getting scammed with a full-time job.

I know a VO here on Fiverr who was hired to narrate the entire medical catalog for a medical company. That was 3 months of full-time work for the talent.

I was thinking the exact same thing. :worried:


If you were in the buyer’s position would your choice of seller to work with full time be a new seller with no reviews? Hardly.
There are lots of scammers who say things like this and will ultimately ask for outside Fiverr contact.

OP - Ask this buyer to do a small order to start with and gauge their response. Any genuine buyer would also appreciate testing out your service. If they refuse then I’d suggest blocking.


I’m speaking in general terms.

When it comes to buyers asking for contact outside Fiverr, that is something completely different. I always respond to those requests with a link to the ToS.

I was simply answering the question the OP had about taking work outside Fiverr, which I recommended against, and I did explain that this is both for the protection of buyers and sellers, along with the revenue-argument.

I would think it goes without saying that you should trust a buyer before taking on long-term and complex projects, but this is perhaps something I should have included in my first reply. As @eoinfinnegan points out, a buyer would probably not want to start with a long-term project like this with a new seller without knowing beforehand what they can deliver.

So I wholeheartedly agree with @eoinfinnegan that you should start with a small order and gauge their response - and whatever you do - don’t let buyers fool you into contact outside of Fiverr. If the buyer asks for this, refer to the ToS, and if they don’t respect that, I’d suggest blocking them as well.

I doubt the scammer wants to spend money on an order. I see these messages on the forum every day about this same thing.

These threads are mixed in with new sellers asking how to get orders.

I even got one of these types of messages myself once and the person hadn’t even looked at my gigs nor did he know what I was selling. He said he wanted to hire me full time outside fiverr, without knowing my gigs are for spellcasting. He didn’t know what that was.


It’s against Fiverr TOS to do an order for more than 1 month. If you broke it up into different orders, that’s not the same thing and definitely not full time in the sense that it’s colloquially used.

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you should stick to fiverr…going against terms and conditions may lead you to account ban

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