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Hello help a newbie out!


Hello guys ,

I’m totally new here on Fiverr. My name is Aiswarya. I’m from India. I can make Ebook and album covers.I have already created my gigs but there are still no impressions/clicks on them. Can you guys please look at it from buyer’s point of view and tell me what modifications should I make. Please help me to make it successful.
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Thank you



Hey ! Myself Aiswarya :slight_smile:
Eventhough i’m not a graphic designer by profession , I’m well versed in everything related to Photoshopping since past 6years !
I can provide refreshing eye-catching designs for e-book covers and album covers ! #ContactMe before you order !
I promise you quality services.

Hi, I am Aiswarya

Graphic Design is my passion. I’ve been using Photoshop to design quality graphics work since the past six years. I can provide you refreshing and eye-catching designs for e-book or album covers. Quality service is assured. Let’s talk before ordering.

(2) By using exclamation marks, are you surprised yourself for offering such a gig or do you want your buyers to be surprised whether you can do the job or not? Use them only where they are really needed.

(3) Since your academic qualifications don’t relate to what you offer here, you can remove that BDS degree.

(4) There is a good scope for improving both your gigs. But you’re scaring away prospective buyers by showing a devil’s image :slight_smile:

Check out other performing gigs in your category and improve both your gigs.

All the best,


Thank you so much for your advice.


Hello Aiswarya and welcome.

Both your gigs revolve around images, but you only use 2/3 possible images for your first and 1/3 for your second gig, use all 3, a buyer who wants to buy a gig like that wants to see covers done by you. Your first gig also only uses 4/5 possible keywords.

Then this here:


Back Cover - 5$
High resolution / Ready For Print - 5$
Commercial Use - 5$
Source File - 5$

Looks a bit weird to me, should be clear that the ‘-’ isn´t meant as a minus symbol of course, but still, I´d go with

Back Cover + 5$
Back Cover: 5$

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


Hey miiila Thank you so much. I’ll do the necessary changes soon :slight_smile:
Can you help me out with the keywords ? I read somewhere on the forum about seed keywords but I understood nothing.

I didn’t know that the ‘-’ was misleading. Thank you for pointing it out.


I fear I can´t help you much with the best keywords for your gigs as it´s a different category than mine,
but you should make use of all 5 tags you can use either way, and maybe read more on it on the forum (you can use the search function top right to filter for relevant posts) and else I´d say look at gigs that sell similar things as you do and sell well, you can see the tags they use when you scroll down the gig description, and then use a combination of tag words that fit your gigs best.

From what I read, your should find the words most buyers would search for, when looking for a gig like yours (obviously) and then have as many of those words as possible in your gig title and description and tags. It seems you shouldn´t do ‘keyword spamming’ though, which means don´t use the same word too much within your gig description.


Why every new seller is now asking for help??? Don’t you guys have any mind? Listen to podcast, do better than others. Read Guidelines, watch YouTube videos, join the community!


Thank you I’ll do some research regarding my gigs and update the keywords :slight_smile: Thankyou for all the help I really appreciate it.


Hello there , sorry if my post is bothering you in any way. There is literally a “New User Introdutions” catergory here on the forum so i thought why not use it. Also i was genuinely worried about my gig clicks. I thought the forum is here for interacting with other users and helping each other out !
Thankyou for your advice tho I’ll keep those in mind :slight_smile:


Looks like you are doing good so far! How is your one month experience being at Fiverr?


Yes I’m doing quite well contrary to what I expected while starting out.I would say that my journey so far have been great , even with some bad experiences here and there.:slight_smile: I have 5 completed orders under my belt, all with 5 star reviews.I earned about $85 till now [which I know for a fact isn’t much compared to the sellers out here]. But its a huge amount for someone like me, who didnt expect to earn even a $20 in the starting month. I still remember the day I got my first order, I was literally over the moon LOL. Also I remember all those buyer requests I sent till then ,almost all of which were rejected. The funny thing is that I have only completed two gigs with my photoshopping skills. The other three orders were little unique, you can say. I stumbled upon this “unique” buyer request some time ago and I quickly send a reply. Since its based on something I love with a passion , I didn’t have to struggle much. The buyer quickly became a regular after I completed the first order successfully. Never in my dreams I thought I could earn something from that specific interest of mine. Now I have a custom order from another buyer in queue which is partially designing based , which is needed to be delivered in a few days. Well I’m taking things slow now, with me being busy with my full time stuff and all. I am not even sending any buyer request now, I’m simply concentrating on getting the two queued orders done. After that, I might take up orders according to my free time.:innocent:
Also THANK YOU so much for helping out me at the start of my journey. :grin:


You’re welcome! Giving an order to a newbie is like giving a first job to a fresher. They trust you so you have to meet or exceed their expectations. As you progress and establish yourself while learning more and more ways to market your services, you realize that there are many other skills that you need to develop, such as:

  • Consistency

  • Quality

  • Persistence

  • Uniqueness of Services

  • Ability to withstand pressures

  • Ability to handle abusive behavior

  • Time Management

and lastly:

  • Patience to live with Fiverr bugs :wink:

I am not a fan of overdelivery, unless the situation demands and I have time and reason to do so, so not featuring that in this list.

All the best to you and to many newbies out here, who are genuinely interested in making it big here at Fiverr.



Hello to everyone! I’m also new here, I wish luck ti every new user like me and that we all get views and buyers soon!:smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am shafi, I made 2 gigs, i hv sent a lot of buyer request and already promote my gigs to different social media, but no sell, what can i do?


If you want help you need to make a post using your own heading under the category “Improve My Gig”.