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Hello! How should I improve my gigs?

Hi good people!
I’ve been in fiverr as a seller for over a month and posted 4 gigs already - but no spot of luck yet.
Can anyone suggest how do I improve my gigs?
Gig links:

Thank you!

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I’m a bit confused about your pricing scales. Any potential buyer who becomes confused will look elsewhere. The tiers have no true descriptions, either.

Thank you for your reply.
Would you kindly suggest how I should set the pricing scales then?

Sadly, I cannot. I wasn’t looking at the prices. Your gigs are not in my area of skill, so I can only look at them from the perspective of a browsing buyer. I can, however, elaborate on why I’m confused about the tiers.

These are all the descriptions of all the packages from all of your gigs:

I’ve scrambled them. Without looking at the gigs themselves: Which ones belong to which gigs? and: Which tier of package is each?

Some are easier to figure out than others, but buyers won’t play this game. They will just move on.

Thank you for the kind suggestion. I’ll keep them in mond :smiley: