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Hello Humans! (They said that the title must be 15 characters so blah blah Lolz)

Hi! I’m just starting off, just trying to get the hang of everything. I think I’m going to enjoy helping whomever is in need of assistance :slight_smile:


Welcome! I’ve been on Fiverr for some quiet some time and the best advice I can give is Try hard! Over deliver and stay positive! You should utilize the buyer request section to try and land your first gig!

Best of luck!
:bulb: Joe


Thanks a lot Joe! Will do.

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Thanks, Joe! That’s how I got my first gig. It can be discouraging going through the scammy/spammy “requests,” but there are bonefide human peoples who are just a delight to do business with! Never give up. The right fit is out there as long as you engage human-to-human!


Well said! Don’t be discouraged because there are real humans who are in need of services done that post their projects in the BR section!

Although there may be many bids, keep trying and use up all your 10 credits!

:bulb: Joe

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Thanks so much for the boost – and it is a boost, indeed!

Welcome to the place where titles have to be pointlessly long and all and any posts are guaranteed to be meaningful because 20 characters. :wink:


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