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Hello, I am a new buyer and am afraid as 1 of my messages is "under review"

Hello everyone.
I am a buyer who needs long time article editing services. I have already hired 3 sellers and await reply from a fourth one.
In one of my messages with a seller who has recently raised her prices, I mentioned that I used to work as a freelancer on another platform and simply mentioned the platform’s name. I did not try to get sellers contact outside of Fiverr, nor did I offer my contact. It was just a part of the conversation.
Immediately after clicking on “send”, I got this message:

Your message is being reviewed by our Trust and Safety team due to a possible Terms of Service violation. This may take up to 24 hours. In the meantime, bonniejaynem can’t see your message. We appreciate your patience.

Now I am afraid that Fiverr may block me, and I have only just registered today and I desperately NEED services from editors here, as I believe there is the greatest variety of editors in my price range here.

If any of the site administrators read this, I want to make sure that I meant no harm, no disrespect to terms of service.

Hi there. Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, the Fiverr staff you are referring to wont be able to see this message and relate it to your specific issue. I would recommend contact Fiverr CS Support directly. Also, we are not able to post Usernames in this forum, so it’s a good idea to remove that sellers name. Maybe reading the Fiverr and forum ToS could help.

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Thanks for the reply. Question: I haven’t mentioned sellers name in this thread, what is it that you think I should remove?


Fiverr’s messaging system has several “trigger words” which when typed will show you the automated warning notification that you just noticed. Fiverr will then review your message manually and then approve the message in case it doesn’t violate Fiverr’s ToS. As silly as it may be, Fiverr doesn’t allow users to mention the names of other freelancing websites.

You don’t really have to worry about it, tbh. You will be fine so long as you do not violate Fiverr’s ToS.

Happy buying! :blush:

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